What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth is as essential as keeping your overall body hygiene. Almost a century now, people have been brushing their teeth using manual toothbrushes. Things appear to take a different shape in few years time due to the introduction of electric toothbrushes in the market. They come with rotating or oscillating heads (plus bristles), which are believed to offer more effective brushing than manual ones. Based on various studies, electric toothbrushes are better and faster plague removers than their counterparts.

Appropriate brushing is the core step to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, and bad breath. Even dentists advise patients on proper brushing practices as the first sure way to prevent bacteria build in the mouth. Therefore, electric toothbrushes must be the best choice for all. Though these battery powered toothbrushes are more expensive than the ordinary ones, the initial investment is just worthy to achieve ideal oral hygiene for years. The design feature makes these toothbrushes stand out, because the sophisticated bristles rotate to achieve optimal teeth cleaning. The head is smaller than that of manual brushes, hence easy to access far ends in your mouth.


Basically, the benefits of using electric brushes are by far more than limitations. The following are some of the key benefits users can gain while using electric toothbrushes.

  1. Faster brushing experience

Electric toothbrushes have oscillating bristles, which usually rotate 35 revolutions per second. The brushing speed is almost 30 times faster than manual brushing, hence eliminating unnecessary prolonged brushing time.

  1. Enhanced brushing efficiency

The first benefit talked about fast brushing, and that brings us to the second benefit “efficiency”. When bristles are capable of brushing teeth 30 times faster than manual ones, it means cleaner teeth and less time consuming process.

  1. Improved brushing accessibility

Old people plus those individuals with disabilities can benefit greatly from electric toothbrushes. The brushes make the brushing process easier and hassle free, since you don’t need to keep moving your hands.

  1. Effective plague removal

Electric toothbrush can be very effective plague and gingivitis remover if used appropriately. Studies shows that the bristles are more efficient compared to those of manual brushes.

  1. Effective stain remover

Apart from removing plagues more effectively, electric brushes’ bristles can clean up stains from teeth more efficiently. The rotation provides abrasive properties that eliminate stains from the teeth.

  1. Reliable and affordable

Though visiting a dentist for teeth cleaning is worthwhile, it might be expensive in terms of money. However, electric electric-toothbrushtoothbrushes offer almost similar results at a lower price compared to a dentist’s charge.

  1. Less likely to harm your gums

Some of the manual toothbrushes have hard bristles, which may scratch gums causing injuries. Electric brushes have very fine and soft bristles, which not only clean your teeth effectively, but also protect your gums from mild injuries.

  1. Suitable for all users

Electric brushes come with different varieties to suit all users. The bristles are designed to offer an effective brushing experience for both kids and adults. Children are likely to enjoy power brushes, and observe brushing on regular basis.

  1. Offer recommended brushing

Over brushing or under brushing can bring unwelcoming results over time. If you exceed brushing time, gums might start exposing the neck of the teeth, while less brushing can attract dental problems. Electric brushes offer timely brushing, and light indicator notifies you when the recommended brushing time is reached.

  1. Adaptable

Once you start using electric toothbrush, it will take you less time to adapt to the new change. The brushing experience is welcoming, and probably you will not consider using manual brushes.

The above 10 benefits are enough to help you make an informed decision, based on your dental care needs. If you want to achieve more enhanced oral hygiene, electric brushes are highly recommended.

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