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The mohawk is a hairstyle that was originated from the Native Americans that was later on adopted by a few subcultures. This kind of haircut was relatively a very high maintenance haircut that has a very styling options. If you are planning to cut your hair in mohawk style, you should always very cautious about getting the center of your hair correctly. This kind of hairstyle was a good choice for summer, and sometimes referred as a very rebellious and outlandish hairstyle. There are so many ways that you can style your mohawkmohawk cut by not narrowing your hairstyle too much. This kind of hairstyle does not require too much skill or it does not need to much practice to get it right. Make sure that you have a long hair if you are planning to have this kind of hairstyle. Before start cutting your hair, you should decide first on how you will plan to style it. Do you like to gel it or you just want to let it lay or the so called lazyhawk. If you want this lazyhawk style, then you’re going to need hair clipper for your undercut. You might want to check groomin guru which is a great source for hair cutting tools.

The things you need in cutting your mohawk style:

  • Electric Razor
  • Electric Clippers
  • Masking Tape (do not use gaffer tape and duct tape.)

Steps on How to Cut a Mohawk Style:

  • You need to find the center of your hair when deciding to cut this hairstyle. Start by forming central parts and justhair-clippers worry about your lower parts later. Use a lower number of guards to buzz your hair off in each side of your hair. In centering your hair you need a piece of masking tape, then sticks a long piece of the tape at the top of your head, then make sure that you align it and if you are contented with it, clip your hair following the lines.
  • When you already get the mMohawkright, use the shorter size guards to lighten your way down to your side and back hairline. After that, you can now start styling your hair, some men love to put gel, hair spray and blow dryer or sometimes even sugar or starch to make their mohawk stand up. To make your mohawk stand up, wash your remaining hair and while they are still wet, try to put your head upside down and start blow drying your hair. While standing with your head between your legs, start applying hair glue and gel depending on your hair length, use a lot of spray then let it dry. Then you can lift your head back after finish doing it.

Kinds of Upscale Mohawk Style:

  • The high fade with up sweep – this kind of hairstyle is like a half punk rock or a half skater boy. This is a complete mix that will best fit for ideal younger men. This look is complete by a cowlick of the front. This hairstyle features a shorter and undercut element for added structure.
  • Swept back and tapered quiff – this hairstyle is an adult version of mohawk. To style this kind of hairstyle try to sweep your hair back and away to your face. This is the best contemporary hipster look, especially if you paired it with trimmed facial hair.
  • Long hair, full beard and undercuts – this hair style will best fir if you are having tatts. This hairstyle does not require much styling just to achieve it just simply allow your to grow long and add some undercuts. Always keep trimming the sides of your hair to get the contrast.
  • Short curly mohawk – this hairstyle does not require a very heavy upkeep and really major investment, especially with hair products. If you have a natural curl hair this style is very easy to achieve. Just take note the straight edged undercut at the hairline.

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