Guitar Buyers Guide – What to Look for


guitarThere are loads of guitars on the market. While the brands are overwhelming, you need to know what works for you. Here is a guide on what to consider when buying a guitar.


Trust your gut

Does it look good? Does it feel right? Then go for it. Do not let that salesperson talk you into buying something that does not appeal to you. However, you need to ascertain that it has got a guarantee policy. That way, if some issues crop up shortly, you can return it and the get it fixed.  Therefore, buy what you love not necessarily what that shop attendant tells you.


Get an electric guitar

Most people believe that as a beginner, you need to get an acoustic guitar. Others think that you ought to get something cheap so that if the passion does not last, the losses are not high. However, that is a negative mentality.


Personally, my recommendation is an electric guitar. That is because, unlike in the previous years, the guitars that are manufactured today are of a sensible quality. Far East industries are currently availing us with electric guitars that are low in price yet good enough for any beginner.

electric guitar

If you choose to get something better in the future, you can use that first guitar as your back-up or even alter its tuning.

You can get a good guitar that can stay with you for many productive years at a manageable price


My reason for an electric guitar is that what you can do with an acoustic guitar; you can do with an electric guitar. However, the reverse is not true. That is because an acoustic guitar does not have easy access to the top frets, does not have a tremolo system and its strings are of a heavier gauge that makes string bending difficult.


I understand that you need to strike a balance between quality and price. However, never go for the least even when you have to work within your means. Look at magazines, the Internet and see what is out there, you may get surprised. Here is a great resource for all types of guitars and comparisons.


Get a good quality amplifier that has reverb

amplifierAn electric guitar needs an amplifier. That is true, however; these instruments have got enough resonance for you to hear what you are playing in a quiet environment.

Amplifiers are very many on the market today, and you can get yourself one whose quality is fantastic. They are in boxes of 10 to 20 watts.


When buying your practice amplifier, you need to ascertain that it comes with reverb. Reverb is an effect that enhances the echo that happens naturally when a sound hits a solid object such as a wall. While every sound produces its reverb, it may not be heard. A guitar without this feature sounds lacking in depth and rather dry as opposed to alive and rich.


Gadgets that make guitar playing amazing

A tuner

When you use this device, you are not cheating. Getting a good tuner is the best thing you can do for your listeners and yourself. You need to learn the art of tuning a guitar by listening. That takes time and practice. When your instrument is not tuned before you start playing, and you are trying to learn something new, the results shall be very discouraging.

 A lead

A good lead helps you to play into the amplifier. If you go for something cheap, it might only serve you for a month or two. Invest $15 and get something that shall go on for ten years without a glitch. If you take good care of its cable, the lifespan might get longer.



They help in bettering one’s playing skills immensely. While they are essential in learning, they are sometimes a cause of distraction.

When buying a metronome, go for that one that has got a ‘click’ sound and not a ‘beep’ sound. This beep sound is likely to distort your playing one too many times. Therefore, steer clear of it when getting a metronome.


Effects pedal

When you get this, remember that you need to put the distortion pedals through a loud amp before they can work effectively. While the chorus pedals add immense interest and depth to the sound, they become tiresome after some time. I guess the best effect is a delay pedal. You can get fantastic results from this cheap and simple tool.

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