Become a Guitarist – How to

Playing guitar is more than talent. It is a habit that you nurture and then perfect. Here is how to do that:


Become a GuitaristVisualize

You may practice when you are playing guitar, but you can also practice without one. During your free time, let your mind go through how you can improve the riff or the musical you were studying.


Hear and see yourself playing with the ease of a professional, glide as though you were strumming at a string. In your mind, you should feel your fingers and pick in sync. You should do this as often as possible, and you shall see tremendous improvement when you play the real guitar.


When you get a hold of connecting the imaginative and the reality, you shall have no problem with translating what is in your head to the guitar. You shall also have the ability to play something you heard a while back when you were not with your guitar.

Bring something new to the table on a daily basis

That is the best way to improve and enrich your playing experience. When you have a fresh idea every day, you get motivated, your discipline improves as well as your ability to play and become a better musician. In simpler terms, find something new each day that you have not played before, or you have no clue about and then make sure that you learn it. After that, play it. It can be anything, a lick, a riff, a song, an exercise, a melody, or a section in a musical that seemed complex.


The habit of going out of your comfort zone to seek something challenging, learning it, playing it and then internalizing it is one that every guitarist ought to possess. It helps you to reenergize your mind, body and soul on a daily basis. That is because you feed your subconscious, enhance your memory is and express your emotions using your guitar.


Doing this on a daily basis shall push you to yearn for more and before you know it, you shall be devouring everything you get your hands on hence perfecting the art.Become a Guitarist



It is great that you have improved on many grounds. However, that has been behind closed doors where there was no pressure. It is now time to share your gift with others; play with someone.


You could invite people whom you know can play with you regardless of the instrument. A band is a magnificent idea. You should do that more than often.

There are also other options you could use. These include virtually backing up a band via the Internet, using phone applications or computer programs like EZ Drummer. These help you better your skills.


When you play that guitar with accompaniment, your improvisational capabilities, endurance, and consistency shall improve in leaps and bounds.


Record yourself

It helps you look at how you play objectively, and you get motivated to work harder. There are many cost-friendly ways to record your playing by yourself.

When you record, you have the ability to listen and pick out what needs perfecting or removing. Therefore, you can point out your strengths hence stick to them, and weaknesses hence make improvements.


Try recording rhythms, melodies, leads, and complimentary alternate rhythms. In so doing, you shall get to learn how to compose, produce and put together performances.


Another plus as far as recording yourself is concerned is that you get to have a record of how far you have come. A guitarist’s journey is and ought to be about continuous growth. When you listen to those recordings, you shall appreciate the far that you have come and get motivated to do more.


Go for lessons

Despite the fact that the Internet has a lot of guitar playing material, getting help from a tutor shall bear immeasurable fruits. This person shall ably pinpoint your ups and downs, sharpen your skill and eliminate the flaws.


A seasoned teacher shall also help you to save time by sifting through information with you and showing you the right direction to take towards becoming better.

You are paying that teacher to better you. So make use of that money you are paying out and take your lessons seriously.


These tips shall help you to become a better guitarist. However, while you are at it, do not forget to practice and make it a priority, not a by-the-way.

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