Are you on the path of opening your music talents? And maybe even making a career out of it? If so, but you got a little lost on the way, and don’t know where to start, how to pick an instrument, and how to get the notes right, you’ve come to the right place.

The site was created by three friends, Anna, Tash and Luna. We used to play in a band back some years ago. Now each one of us is working by giving guitar and piano lessons. Music has been our life for many years, it’s been our passion, so we have gained a lot of knowledge about different aspects of it. And The Morning After Girls site was created to share to that knowledge.

On The Morning After Girls, it’s all about the music. It’s all about different instruments, especially guitars and digital pianos, which is what we play, so that is what we know the most about. Our guides will help you choose the instrument which will become the perfect partner for your music creations.¬†Even if you are not sure now which instrument you’d like to play, our guides will help with that process as well, on how to choose an instrument that will give you the perfect feeling. Also, you can find on our pages information on how to improve your vocals.

We’ll guide you through how to become a guitarist or a piano player, how to organize yourself and enhance your music experience. With regular practice you’ll be able to improve your skills and one day become a professional.