9 Ways to Protect My Ears and Hearing Health!

hearing loss   Many people assume the issue of hearing loss, especially when growing older. It is vital not to overlook this factor of your health. After my nephew started experiencing hearing loss, I decided to visit a medical doctor to get some insights about hearing protection. I arranged an appointment with a reputable female medical advisor the following week.

According to the medical advisor, looking after our hearing is important to living a happy life. She added that many people overlook it, but the repercussions of early hearing damage and uncontrolled hearing loss can be severe on an individual’s quality of life.

So, I saw it’s good to share with you the 9 ways she advised on how I can protect my ears and hearing health;

Wearing hearing protection

This is very crucial for a person that works in a noisy environment that exceeds 85Db. A company should provide its employees with hearing protection measures. But for those that have a hobby in noisy lifestyles such as shooting range competitions, it is advisable to wear shooting earmuffs-girls for proper protection for their ears. There are many types of hearing protection devices starting with the basic earplugs to custom hearing protection. All of them work incredibly well and are worth to buy.

Minimize frequent exposure to noise

Loud noise exceeding 85Db is harmful to ears. If you are a live music fanatic, you need to have concert earplugs as long as you want to stay until the end of the event. Another overlooked ear destroyer is mowing your garden without hearing protection. Avoiding loud noises may not be practical to most of us, but you can reduce the exposure. You can choose to give your ears a 10 minutes break by moving away from the loud noise. In addition, make sure you have a pair of earplugs and don’t ignore using them.

Stop using cotton buds

Stop using cotton budsApart from protecting your ears from loud noises, you need to prevent infections as well. Using cotton buds is not recommended because there are small particles left, which attract wax and germs. Visit a doctor to examine your ears and suggest the best ear cleaner to use.

Understand your rights at work

If you work at a noisy factory, it is the mandate for the company to protect the employees’ hearing. When there is excessive noise in the workplace, you have the right to complain by informing the department concerned about workers’ welfare. Even when there is very loud noise at a public place, don’t hesitate to raise a concern about your health, as well as on behalf of other people.

Choose a healthy lifestyle

This can help you protect your ears at the moment and even in future. Cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended because it improves overall body health. Take time to walk, run, or cycle so that your blood circulation to ears is enhanced.

Regular ear check-ups

Regular ear check-upsEar checkups must not be done only when you have any hearing problem or ear pains. It is good to visit your doctor regularly to know the health status of your ears. A medical expert will carry out several tests to find out whether there is any hearing damage. If a problem is diagnosed at its early stage, the treatment will also be done at the right time.

Be aware of the signs

Signs of hearing loss are the obvious things most people experience on daily basis. If you realize you are ever turning the radio or TV up, this is a sign of hearing loss. Other signs include shouting when speaking to somebody at a close range, struggling to hear as someone speaks, and staying away from social conditions.

Turn down the music volume

A loud music through earphones is dangerous. You should always advise your teen kids to consider low volume to protect their ears. After all, a low volume is even more comfortable than a noisy one that can harm your ears. Also, practice listening to low music on TVs and radios. For musicians, there are some special earplugs to prevent their ears from loud music.

Visit a doctor immediately when you suspect a hearing sign

Whenever you fall sick, you rush to your doctor. This should also be a similar case when you notice a sign of hearing loss. Despite the fact that it’s not hurting doesn’t mean you decide to see the doctor a week later. Act as fast as possible.

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