5 Best New Songs to Blast in Your Vehicle this Winter: Car Audio Systems


 alone in our carOne of the most freeing and fun moments is when we’re alone in our car, blasting our favorite tunes and singing at the top of our lungs. With a great car audio system, you can get the best sound quality possible and also get it installed properly, the first time.

It is highly recommended that you have your car audio system installed by a professional. It is easy to do it wrong and there is nothing worse than spending a ton of money on a top of the line car stereo, only to find that your car rattles because it wasn’t properly installed.

Not only is this a great past time that people across a wide range of ages all enjoy, this is a new heyday for music. There has never been the availability and plethora of musical options available as there is today. We used to have a limited choice in what we listened to. We had radio stations that chose for us, or we had a set number of CDs. Now we have mp3s, subscription services, and even artists that aren’t on a major label can be heard far and wide.

This makes it one of the best times ever to get a great car audio system. Just look at some of the songs that are topping the billboards and imagine how great they will sound on a custom car audio system, installed just right.

Ed Sheeran has taken the world by storm with his musical stylings and his hit tune, “The Shape of You” sounds clear and crisp on a great car audio system.

singing in car Maybe you’d rather show off the bass range of your system. “Bounce Back” by Big Sean is a hot new track that will show off your audio system and that you are on top of the hottest new rap trends.

If you are more into pop music, 2017 is not lacking in excellent music in this genre as well. Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm” is bubblegum pop at its finest. Try listening to this without busting a little move.

Rihanna is a long-time favorite and she has not disappointed with her latest track, “Love on the Brain.” She tops some of her best with her latest album and rolling down the street featuring Rihanna is not the worst way to get around town.

“That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars is another new song that sounds great when played on a high quality car audio system. Mars is known for his fun beats, catchy melodies, and great voice. On a properly installed car audio system, all the right elements come through, crystal clear.

With the wide variety of new music available at our fingertips, there has never been a better time to consider getting a new car audio system. Technology has vastly improved in recent years, and the cost of a top of the line car audio system is within the budgets of many people today.

You can get excellent sound quality without having to break the bank in the process.

Professional installation will help to ensure that the system you buy works optimally. Too often, people will pay good money for a car audio system and think that installation shouldn’t be that hard, so they do it themselves. And often, it is done wrong. This can lead to rattling, reverb, and bad sound quality and it can also be damaging to your car. It does cost a little extra, but professional installation is well worth the cost for the peace of mind and guarantee.

9 Ways to Protect My Ears and Hearing Health!

hearing loss   Many people assume the issue of hearing loss, especially when growing older. It is vital not to overlook this factor of your health. After my nephew started experiencing hearing loss, I decided to visit a medical doctor to get some insights about hearing protection. I arranged an appointment with a reputable female medical advisor the following week.

According to the medical advisor, looking after our hearing is important to living a happy life. She added that many people overlook it, but the repercussions of early hearing damage and uncontrolled hearing loss can be severe on an individual’s quality of life.

So, I saw it’s good to share with you the 9 ways she advised on how I can protect my ears and hearing health;

Wearing hearing protection

This is very crucial for a person that works in a noisy environment that exceeds 85Db. A company should provide its employees with hearing protection measures. But for those that have a hobby in noisy lifestyles such as shooting range competitions, it is advisable to wear shooting earmuffs-girls for proper protection for their ears. There are many types of hearing protection devices starting with the basic earplugs to custom hearing protection. All of them work incredibly well and are worth to buy.

Minimize frequent exposure to noise

Loud noise exceeding 85Db is harmful to ears. If you are a live music fanatic, you need to have concert earplugs as long as you want to stay until the end of the event. Another overlooked ear destroyer is mowing your garden without hearing protection. Avoiding loud noises may not be practical to most of us, but you can reduce the exposure. You can choose to give your ears a 10 minutes break by moving away from the loud noise. In addition, make sure you have a pair of earplugs and don’t ignore using them.

Stop using cotton buds

Stop using cotton budsApart from protecting your ears from loud noises, you need to prevent infections as well. Using cotton buds is not recommended because there are small particles left, which attract wax and germs. Visit a doctor to examine your ears and suggest the best ear cleaner to use.

Understand your rights at work

If you work at a noisy factory, it is the mandate for the company to protect the employees’ hearing. When there is excessive noise in the workplace, you have the right to complain by informing the department concerned about workers’ welfare. Even when there is very loud noise at a public place, don’t hesitate to raise a concern about your health, as well as on behalf of other people.

Choose a healthy lifestyle

This can help you protect your ears at the moment and even in future. Cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended because it improves overall body health. Take time to walk, run, or cycle so that your blood circulation to ears is enhanced.

Regular ear check-ups

Regular ear check-upsEar checkups must not be done only when you have any hearing problem or ear pains. It is good to visit your doctor regularly to know the health status of your ears. A medical expert will carry out several tests to find out whether there is any hearing damage. If a problem is diagnosed at its early stage, the treatment will also be done at the right time.

Be aware of the signs

Signs of hearing loss are the obvious things most people experience on daily basis. If you realize you are ever turning the radio or TV up, this is a sign of hearing loss. Other signs include shouting when speaking to somebody at a close range, struggling to hear as someone speaks, and staying away from social conditions.

Turn down the music volume

A loud music through earphones is dangerous. You should always advise your teen kids to consider low volume to protect their ears. After all, a low volume is even more comfortable than a noisy one that can harm your ears. Also, practice listening to low music on TVs and radios. For musicians, there are some special earplugs to prevent their ears from loud music.

Visit a doctor immediately when you suspect a hearing sign

Whenever you fall sick, you rush to your doctor. This should also be a similar case when you notice a sign of hearing loss. Despite the fact that it’s not hurting doesn’t mean you decide to see the doctor a week later. Act as fast as possible.

Become a Guitarist – How to

Playing guitar is more than talent. It is a habit that you nurture and then perfect. Here is how to do that:


Become a GuitaristVisualize

You may practice when you are playing guitar, but you can also practice without one. During your free time, let your mind go through how you can improve the riff or the musical you were studying.


Hear and see yourself playing with the ease of a professional, glide as though you were strumming at a string. In your mind, you should feel your fingers and pick in sync. You should do this as often as possible, and you shall see tremendous improvement when you play the real guitar.


When you get a hold of connecting the imaginative and the reality, you shall have no problem with translating what is in your head to the guitar. You shall also have the ability to play something you heard a while back when you were not with your guitar.

Bring something new to the table on a daily basis

That is the best way to improve and enrich your playing experience. When you have a fresh idea every day, you get motivated, your discipline improves as well as your ability to play and become a better musician. In simpler terms, find something new each day that you have not played before, or you have no clue about and then make sure that you learn it. After that, play it. It can be anything, a lick, a riff, a song, an exercise, a melody, or a section in a musical that seemed complex.


The habit of going out of your comfort zone to seek something challenging, learning it, playing it and then internalizing it is one that every guitarist ought to possess. It helps you to reenergize your mind, body and soul on a daily basis. That is because you feed your subconscious, enhance your memory is and express your emotions using your guitar.


Doing this on a daily basis shall push you to yearn for more and before you know it, you shall be devouring everything you get your hands on hence perfecting the art.Become a Guitarist



It is great that you have improved on many grounds. However, that has been behind closed doors where there was no pressure. It is now time to share your gift with others; play with someone.


You could invite people whom you know can play with you regardless of the instrument. A band is a magnificent idea. You should do that more than often.

There are also other options you could use. These include virtually backing up a band via the Internet, using phone applications or computer programs like EZ Drummer. These help you better your skills.


When you play that guitar with accompaniment, your improvisational capabilities, endurance, and consistency shall improve in leaps and bounds.


Record yourself

It helps you look at how you play objectively, and you get motivated to work harder. There are many cost-friendly ways to record your playing by yourself.

When you record, you have the ability to listen and pick out what needs perfecting or removing. Therefore, you can point out your strengths hence stick to them, and weaknesses hence make improvements.


Try recording rhythms, melodies, leads, and complimentary alternate rhythms. In so doing, you shall get to learn how to compose, produce and put together performances.


Another plus as far as recording yourself is concerned is that you get to have a record of how far you have come. A guitarist’s journey is and ought to be about continuous growth. When you listen to those recordings, you shall appreciate the far that you have come and get motivated to do more.


Go for lessons

Despite the fact that the Internet has a lot of guitar playing material, getting help from a tutor shall bear immeasurable fruits. This person shall ably pinpoint your ups and downs, sharpen your skill and eliminate the flaws.


A seasoned teacher shall also help you to save time by sifting through information with you and showing you the right direction to take towards becoming better.

You are paying that teacher to better you. So make use of that money you are paying out and take your lessons seriously.


These tips shall help you to become a better guitarist. However, while you are at it, do not forget to practice and make it a priority, not a by-the-way.

Writing a Song – How to?

Music has been a part of humans for a very long time. The process of making music has changed over the years because more words have been developed, and melodies have gotten fine tuned. However, the need to express oneself through music has never abated. Do you want to write a song? Regardless of the purpose and audience, I shall guide you on how to do it.

  1. Craft out a title

Come up with a phrase of not more than five words. That says what the song is all about. You may also use an action word or image in your title. That gives it energy and makes it captivating.


  1. Write a list of questions that are driven by your titlewriting a song

Some of these might be:

  • What is the meaning of my title?
  • What emotions does it invoke in me?
  • Why have I chosen it?

Three to four questions are enough for this purpose.


  1. Choose how your song should flow (structure)

One of the most common structures is verse – chorus – verse – chorus – bridge – chorus. However, there are some songs hitting the charts lately that have added a small section to this structure called a ‘lift’ or ‘pre-chorus’. This section is usually between the chorus and the verse and it gets added with an aim of building anticipation among the listeners.


You can check the Internet for structure guidelines, or come up with something totally new.


  1. Answer a question in the chorus and each verse

Pick a question that you want to give a reply. You should do that in a way that one question gets answered in the verse and another in the chorus. You could also get images that give your answers more meaning. What emotion do you want the listener to pick? How does that emotion affect you? Is it a joyous moment or a sad one? Do you feel at your wits end or does life seem to have taken an astonishing turn? Do not get too poetic that you lose your audience. However, if you do, incorporate a clear statement that helps them to stay on track.


  1. Find a melody for your song

Which lines in this song do you love the most? These are the words that shall make up your chorus. Now speak them to yourself over and over again. Speak them in a louder voice. Say them with all the emotion in you. Take the emotion to another level as you say them. As you do this, you shall start to speak them with a melody and rhythm that come so naturally. That is the beginning of getting a tune. Now go on and on with it until it feels right.



  1. Start adding chords to that chorus melody

Get a repeated chord pattern. Please start with something simple, no need to complicate anything now. Play around with the chords and melody until you get to a point where you are happy with what you have. Go ahead and record a sketchy vocal, your smartphone is good enough. Just make sure that you do it in the heat of the moment lest you lose it.


  1. Pick the question for your first verse

It must be one that captures the listener’s attention immediately. Then follow steps 4 through to 6.


  1. Connect the chorus to the verse

Now that you have a verse and a chorus, you need to connect them that you flow seamlessly from the verse to the chorus. You may have to alter the last line in your verse or you may lower or raise the melody of your verse so that you can join to the chorus smoothly.



Melodies in the chorus usually have a higher note than those in the verse. That is because the chorus captures most of the emotion and when we are emotional; our voices tend to go up. The verse is there to give the listeners more information about the circumstances.


  1. Compose the next verse and the bridge

Pick your next question and answer it in your subsequent verse. After that, go through with step 4 to 6. This verse should have a melody and lyric as those in the first chorus. Then add a bridge. That is the section that adds the cherry to the emotional part of the song. It is the ‘aha’ moment. You could get a line or two that you feel have the most insight for your bridge. The melody here is very different. Try using an entirely new chord or alter the length of the phrase or the melody motion. Although a bridge is not a must-have, it gives the song much more strength.

  1. Record the song

Something as simple as a guitar or a piano is good enough to make an efficient emotional statement. You ought to practice a lot with the instruments you desire to use to make sure that you are at ease with every word, note, and chord. That helps you when finally putting out the song because your focus is now on singing the song and not the instruments. That enables you to produce a song that has the right effects.

Benefits Of Learning How To Play Digital Pianos

digital pianoRegardless of what music you are playing, a piano has got the ability to move, inspire, and excite. The only hurdle is learning how to play as a beginner and then practicing until you can hold your fort. When you work with qualified piano tutors, you can get an incredible start that upholds good techniques and shuns bad habits. When that gets coupled with the innovative features, natural sound, and authentic playability that is in digital pianos, learning becomes fun and worth the time.


  1. First of all, digital pianos are in such a way that they accurately imitate an acoustic piano. They replace the hammers and strings with incredible digital sound technology and position the speakers in a strategic manner. The sound that comes out is still as good as that of an acoustic piano. That makes controlling volume very easy even for a beginner.


  1. Digital pianos have a sound engine that replaces the expensive tuning and other regular maintenance found in acoustic pianos with precision weighed keys. These recreate the feeling of a traditional keyboard to give you a real playing feel. With this also comes the ability to choose a sound from the many available sounds. These include non-piano and grand piano sounds. This technique makes learning very enjoyable and diverse.  There are some digital pianos that also allow you to create sounds that match your tastes.


  1. Digital pianos allow you to record and listen later. That feature enables you to revisit a piece of work, analyze it and see what needs to get changed or strengthened. The inbuilt recording feature that is in some digital pianos enables you to play back after the recording. As you listen, you can pick and correct any existing problems. That also allows you to recognize an error before it gets ingrained in you. Listening back also helps you to sort out problems with melody and timing. If you are also still struggling to read music, you have the chance of learning a music piece by ear and then study it as you listen to the recording. Depending on your piano model, there is a lot you can do with the recorded piece. They include: transferring it to a computer to share, edit or print out on a music sheet. Onboard recording also helps someone that wants to compose a piece because you record all the ideas as they come.


  1. Most digital piano types allow you to plug into the device and listen as you play through your headphones. That is very beneficial to a learner as well as the people around. That is because, with headphones, the player is not disturbed by the noise around them and the people around do not have to endure your noise and mistakes. Therefore everyone is at peace. There are some piano types that have a provision for two headphones, and that makes it possible for the teacher and student to listen together and pinpoint the mistakes easily and fast.


  1. digital pianoDigital pianos have a wide variety of sounds. For example strings, electronic and church organ, synthesizer sounds, guitar, and bass. These sounds allow for diversity. That allows one to mix various sounds to capture what he or she wants to put across. Children also enjoy mixing and experimenting different sounds. That makes learning fun.


  1. Do you want to develop your sense of rhythm? Then you need to improve your timing. When you are a beginner, timing is a big problem because you are still developing your mental discernment and muscle memory. Therefore, there is a tendency for learners to slow down or speed up a musical piece depending on how difficult it is. Metronomes are what help any piano player to develop their timekeeping and rhythmic skills by giving you a steady reference as you play. These have been with us for ages, and digital pianos have made them convenient by having them built in and ready whenever you need them with easy-to-use controls for beat and tempo adjusting. That means that you can place pieces at your pace, learn them, and master them and even move on to more complex ones. You can check the best digital piano models and reviews on www.digitalpianolab.com

There you have it, playing a digital piano does not make you second placed to those using acoustic pianos. There are many advantages to enjoy.

Guitar Buyers Guide – What to Look for


guitarThere are loads of guitars on the market. While the brands are overwhelming, you need to know what works for you. Here is a guide on what to consider when buying a guitar.


Trust your gut

Does it look good? Does it feel right? Then go for it. Do not let that salesperson talk you into buying something that does not appeal to you. However, you need to ascertain that it has got a guarantee policy. That way, if some issues crop up shortly, you can return it and the get it fixed.  Therefore, buy what you love not necessarily what that shop attendant tells you.


Get an electric guitar

Most people believe that as a beginner, you need to get an acoustic guitar. Others think that you ought to get something cheap so that if the passion does not last, the losses are not high. However, that is a negative mentality.


Personally, my recommendation is an electric guitar. That is because, unlike in the previous years, the guitars that are manufactured today are of a sensible quality. Far East industries are currently availing us with electric guitars that are low in price yet good enough for any beginner.

electric guitar

If you choose to get something better in the future, you can use that first guitar as your back-up or even alter its tuning.

You can get a good guitar that can stay with you for many productive years at a manageable price


My reason for an electric guitar is that what you can do with an acoustic guitar; you can do with an electric guitar. However, the reverse is not true. That is because an acoustic guitar does not have easy access to the top frets, does not have a tremolo system and its strings are of a heavier gauge that makes string bending difficult.


I understand that you need to strike a balance between quality and price. However, never go for the least even when you have to work within your means. Look at magazines, the Internet and see what is out there, you may get surprised. Here is a great resource for all types of guitars and comparisons. www.guitarmesh.com


Get a good quality amplifier that has reverb

amplifierAn electric guitar needs an amplifier. That is true, however; these instruments have got enough resonance for you to hear what you are playing in a quiet environment.

Amplifiers are very many on the market today, and you can get yourself one whose quality is fantastic. They are in boxes of 10 to 20 watts.


When buying your practice amplifier, you need to ascertain that it comes with reverb. Reverb is an effect that enhances the echo that happens naturally when a sound hits a solid object such as a wall. While every sound produces its reverb, it may not be heard. A guitar without this feature sounds lacking in depth and rather dry as opposed to alive and rich.


Gadgets that make guitar playing amazing

A tuner

When you use this device, you are not cheating. Getting a good tuner is the best thing you can do for your listeners and yourself. You need to learn the art of tuning a guitar by listening. That takes time and practice. When your instrument is not tuned before you start playing, and you are trying to learn something new, the results shall be very discouraging.

 A lead

A good lead helps you to play into the amplifier. If you go for something cheap, it might only serve you for a month or two. Invest $15 and get something that shall go on for ten years without a glitch. If you take good care of its cable, the lifespan might get longer.



They help in bettering one’s playing skills immensely. While they are essential in learning, they are sometimes a cause of distraction.

When buying a metronome, go for that one that has got a ‘click’ sound and not a ‘beep’ sound. This beep sound is likely to distort your playing one too many times. Therefore, steer clear of it when getting a metronome.


Effects pedal

When you get this, remember that you need to put the distortion pedals through a loud amp before they can work effectively. While the chorus pedals add immense interest and depth to the sound, they become tiresome after some time. I guess the best effect is a delay pedal. You can get fantastic results from this cheap and simple tool.

Every Girl Needs to Know Before Shaving Her Face

The face is the first feature that people see in others and will take great pains to present their best. The presence of facial hair can make a person appear scruffy or intimidating, especially in men. The easiest way to get facial hair off is through shaving but it needs to be done daily, lest the ugly, rough stubs of hair appear. An ideal method of getting facial hair off for longer is through the use of an epilator.

An epilator is a grooming device powered by electricity that removes facial hair by the roots. It is similar to waxing as it pulls multiple hairs simultaneously but like a tweezer as it gets each hair shaft from its roots. If you want to give epilators a go, there are some features that you need to look out for before you get one. women shaving

    • For newbies on facial hair removal using an epilator, buy a model that is specifically designed for the face. It will be smaller and lighter than usual epilators. Regular epilators may be big but have attachments available to accommodate facial hair removal.
    • The working part of the epilator is its head, which contains the tweezers. The ideal unit for removing facial hair has tweezers located inside the head, otherwise, it has the tendency to pinch or cut your skin, which you would not want to happen especially in sensitive areas on the face.
    • Epilators have attachments, which look like caps cover some parts of the head to remove hair from a sensitive area. People used to epilators buy attachments for their usual body epilators to save money instead of buying separate models. Smoothskinlab has  comprehensive reviews of different models.
    • These are the non-essential parts of the facial epilator which may come with the model you intend to buy. Some have shavers/trimmer heads for places when pain can be too much. There are certain brands that come with an exfoliator to remove ingrown hair. Other units have “cooling glove” which tightens pores and is best used after the hair has been removed.
    • Tweezer count. When buying a facial epilator, read the label. The more tweezers it has, the fastest it will remove hair. It may not necessarily be expensive and it will cause pain, but no matter how thick the hair is, it will be gone quickly and efficiently.
    • Model type. To get the best of both worlds, buy the wet/dry model. This allows hair removal even under the shower or during a bath. It will also be cordless, which means it can get into facial nooks and crannies but allocate time for getting it fully charged before use.
    • Pre-treatment. Hair removal will hurt and will cause redness, no matter what model there is. Look for one that will still work even when facial skin is treated with moisturisers or lubricants prior to epilation. It should also be easy to clean and will not corrode or loosen when these products are removed.


Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, chin, and sideburns are the most common problem areas that will benefit with epilators. Unlike other unwanted body hair, hair located on these areas tends to be fine and will cause more pain than the usually thick hair present on the limbs or the genital areas. Epilators are better than shavers or tweezers for the face because it saves time, prevents ingrown hair and dark marks, and skin will be bare for 2 to 3 weeks. However, it can have some downsides as with other hair removal techniques. The most obvious would be its ability to cause pain. To lessen it, some people wax the area first and then use the epilator to keep regrowth at bay. Another factor that can turn off potential users is its price tag. But compared to a year’s budget buying various implements to get facial hair off, buying a good epilator will come off as a better investment. Read our post about hair damage.

Morning Beauty | Avoiding Hair Damage

Our hair contains hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins, but you will use a heat styling device like flat irons, blow dryer and curling irons, it will strip your hair’s natural oils and protein by breaking down your hair’s hydrogen bonds. By breaking down of your hydrogen bonds it will result in achieving the hairstyle that you want. By using heat styling devices, it will result in changing your hair texture just to achieve the curliness, sleekness and straightness of your hair. Bubble hair is the term used in hair care industry when your hair has been damaged due to frequent using of heat styling devices. The term has come from the idea of your hair filled with air over the length of each strand. With frequent hair styling, your hair forms a bubble that will contribute to the irregular strands and texture that will result in hair breakage. Although this kind of styling will damage your hair, this does not mean that you should avoid all these kind of hair styling. Just make sure that you will protect your hair while using heat styling method.

avoid hair damage from blow dryer


Tips on How To Avoid Hair Damage

  • Make sure that your hair is dry when using heat styling devices. This is very important in maintaining the health of your hair. The bubble hair is mostly formed when using heat styling method when your hair is still wet. Since heat styling will damage your hair’s hydrogen bonds that is why it is advisable that when you are using flat and curling iron, make sure that your hair is dry. You can also blow dry your hair with a professional dryer by using a low setting to speed up your drying process.
  • Make sure that whenever you are using a heat styling method you should always adjust the heat temperature of your heating devices to avoid burning your hair. The heat preference of your device will matter on the type of hair that you have, if you have a thick hair, then you will need a much higher temperature than those you only have a thinner hair. Always start in a lower temperature going up if necessary.
  • You don’t need to spend lots of money to buy the very best heating device that will best fit your needs. But you should always make sure to choose a very high-quality device so that you will get the best result that you’ve always wanted. In choosing heat styling devices to make sure to consider a product that offers different temperature controls and also has high-quality plates. In today’s modern era, most of the professional flat irons offer a feature that is less damaging to our hair. So if you are still using your century-old flat iron, it’s time now to upgrade to a new one. In choosing curling iron, choose what will be your base on the size of your curling iron. Make sure to choose the right barrel for your curling session, if you are choosing a smaller barrel, this will also result in small curls, as well as large barrel it will also result to large curls.
  • Make sure that you protect your hair first before applying any heat styling devices to your hair.  Use blow dryers that are best for your hair type. Make sure that you choose a product that has a silicone because this will help in a protective coating that will protect your hair. Make sure that you are not using products that are not compatible with your heating procedure.

It is also good to go natural, especially in drying your hair even just for a while. This will help your hair relax in the meantime, your hair also needs rest from frequent styling and heating. Try using a texturizing spray when you are about to air dry your hair so that it will add an extra safety.

Check our other post about facial hair removal!

Hair Types That We Like To Apply

The mohawk is a hairstyle that was originated from the Native Americans that was later on adopted by a few subcultures. This kind of haircut was relatively a very high maintenance haircut that has a very styling options. If you are planning to cut your hair in mohawk style, you should always very cautious about getting the center of your hair correctly. This kind of hairstyle was a good choice for summer, and sometimes referred as a very rebellious and outlandish hairstyle. There are so many ways that you can style your mohawkmohawk cut by not narrowing your hairstyle too much. This kind of hairstyle does not require too much skill or it does not need to much practice to get it right. Make sure that you have a long hair if you are planning to have this kind of hairstyle. Before start cutting your hair, you should decide first on how you will plan to style it. Do you like to gel it or you just want to let it lay or the so called lazyhawk. If you want this lazyhawk style, then you’re going to need hair clipper for your undercut. You might want to check groomin guru which is a great source for hair cutting tools.

The things you need in cutting your mohawk style:

  • Electric Razor
  • Electric Clippers
  • Masking Tape (do not use gaffer tape and duct tape.)

Steps on How to Cut a Mohawk Style:

  • You need to find the center of your hair when deciding to cut this hairstyle. Start by forming central parts and justhair-clippers worry about your lower parts later. Use a lower number of guards to buzz your hair off in each side of your hair. In centering your hair you need a piece of masking tape, then sticks a long piece of the tape at the top of your head, then make sure that you align it and if you are contented with it, clip your hair following the lines.
  • When you already get the mMohawkright, use the shorter size guards to lighten your way down to your side and back hairline. After that, you can now start styling your hair, some men love to put gel, hair spray and blow dryer or sometimes even sugar or starch to make their mohawk stand up. To make your mohawk stand up, wash your remaining hair and while they are still wet, try to put your head upside down and start blow drying your hair. While standing with your head between your legs, start applying hair glue and gel depending on your hair length, use a lot of spray then let it dry. Then you can lift your head back after finish doing it.

Kinds of Upscale Mohawk Style:

  • The high fade with up sweep – this kind of hairstyle is like a half punk rock or a half skater boy. This is a complete mix that will best fit for ideal younger men. This look is complete by a cowlick of the front. This hairstyle features a shorter and undercut element for added structure.
  • Swept back and tapered quiff – this hairstyle is an adult version of mohawk. To style this kind of hairstyle try to sweep your hair back and away to your face. This is the best contemporary hipster look, especially if you paired it with trimmed facial hair.
  • Long hair, full beard and undercuts – this hair style will best fir if you are having tatts. This hairstyle does not require much styling just to achieve it just simply allow your to grow long and add some undercuts. Always keep trimming the sides of your hair to get the contrast.
  • Short curly mohawk – this hairstyle does not require a very heavy upkeep and really major investment, especially with hair products. If you have a natural curl hair this style is very easy to achieve. Just take note the straight edged undercut at the hairline.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth is as essential as keeping your overall body hygiene. Almost a century now, people have been brushing their teeth using manual toothbrushes. Things appear to take a different shape in few years time due to the introduction of electric toothbrushes in the market. They come with rotating or oscillating heads (plus bristles), which are believed to offer more effective brushing than manual ones. Based on various studies, electric toothbrushes are better and faster plague removers than their counterparts.

Appropriate brushing is the core step to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, and bad breath. Even dentists advise patients on proper brushing practices as the first sure way to prevent bacteria build in the mouth. Therefore, electric toothbrushes must be the best choice for all. Though these battery powered toothbrushes are more expensive than the ordinary ones, the initial investment is just worthy to achieve ideal oral hygiene for years. The design feature makes these toothbrushes stand out, because the sophisticated bristles rotate to achieve optimal teeth cleaning. The head is smaller than that of manual brushes, hence easy to access far ends in your mouth.


Basically, the benefits of using electric brushes are by far more than limitations. The following are some of the key benefits users can gain while using electric toothbrushes.

  1. Faster brushing experience

Electric toothbrushes have oscillating bristles, which usually rotate 35 revolutions per second. The brushing speed is almost 30 times faster than manual brushing, hence eliminating unnecessary prolonged brushing time.

  1. Enhanced brushing efficiency

The first benefit talked about fast brushing, and that brings us to the second benefit “efficiency”. When bristles are capable of brushing teeth 30 times faster than manual ones, it means cleaner teeth and less time consuming process.

  1. Improved brushing accessibility

Old people plus those individuals with disabilities can benefit greatly from electric toothbrushes. The brushes make the brushing process easier and hassle free, since you don’t need to keep moving your hands.

  1. Effective plague removal

Electric toothbrush can be very effective plague and gingivitis remover if used appropriately. Studies shows that the bristles are more efficient compared to those of manual brushes.

  1. Effective stain remover

Apart from removing plagues more effectively, electric brushes’ bristles can clean up stains from teeth more efficiently. The rotation provides abrasive properties that eliminate stains from the teeth.

  1. Reliable and affordable

Though visiting a dentist for teeth cleaning is worthwhile, it might be expensive in terms of money. However, electric electric-toothbrushtoothbrushes offer almost similar results at a lower price compared to a dentist’s charge.

  1. Less likely to harm your gums

Some of the manual toothbrushes have hard bristles, which may scratch gums causing injuries. Electric brushes have very fine and soft bristles, which not only clean your teeth effectively, but also protect your gums from mild injuries.

  1. Suitable for all users

Electric brushes come with different varieties to suit all users. The bristles are designed to offer an effective brushing experience for both kids and adults. Children are likely to enjoy power brushes, and observe brushing on regular basis.

  1. Offer recommended brushing

Over brushing or under brushing can bring unwelcoming results over time. If you exceed brushing time, gums might start exposing the neck of the teeth, while less brushing can attract dental problems. Electric brushes offer timely brushing, and light indicator notifies you when the recommended brushing time is reached.

  1. Adaptable

Once you start using electric toothbrush, it will take you less time to adapt to the new change. The brushing experience is welcoming, and probably you will not consider using manual brushes.

The above 10 benefits are enough to help you make an informed decision, based on your dental care needs. If you want to achieve more enhanced oral hygiene, electric brushes are highly recommended.